Pengana Capital announces intention to offer additional units due to continued and growing demand.

PE1 has attracted strong after-market support since its listing, with PE1 units mostly trading at a material premium to its Net Asset Value (“NAV”). PE1 has been a game changer for retail investors who, for the first time, have had the opportunity to invest in global private equity, an asset class that has the potential to generate substantially higher returns than listed equity markets, with lower volatility and low correlations1 to both equity and bond markets.

New investors will now have the ability to acquire exposure to PE1 Units.

Existing investors will benefit from the Secondary Offer of additional units in 3 ways:

  1. An entitlement offer that will enable them to increase their investment in PE1, without having to buy on-market;
  2. Increased size of the vehicle and thereby increased liquidity for their holdings in PE1; and
  3. A Loyalty Benefit Program, entirely paid for by PCG.

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