Part 1:
The Challenges and Attractions of Private Equity Investing

Part 2:
Listed Private Equity – A Superior PE Investment

Part 3:
Listed Private Equity – Capitalising the Return Premium

Part 4:
The Outlook for Private Equity

The Pengana Private Equity Trust is Australia’s only listed portfolio of global private market investments, trading on the ASX as PE1. In an effort to help educate investors on this exciting and under-accessed asset class, Pengana’s consulting economist Steven Milch has crafted a comprehensive 4 part white paper series on Listed Private Equity: Private Equity Reimagined.

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Investing in great tech companies Pre-IPO

How to access Listed Private Equity for your portfolio

Private Equity has historically outperformed listed equity1

Across time periods

Across regions

Through different economic conditions

With less volatility


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